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Commuting to work series Fire Safety series Tourism series Sports and Leisure series Sanitation series

移動辦公系列 歸檔 - 深圳市藍途新能源電動車

It is specially designed for special situations and becomes a new platform for people’s participation in police affairs, police consultation and democratic supervision. It has made clear the working goal of “Unblocking the channels of public opinion, resolving the demands of the masses, innovating the mode of Police Service, promoting the harmony between the police and the people, and achieving peace and stability”, and has further broadened the channels for the expression of the demands of the interests of the masses, so that social conditions and public opinion can be gathered in a timely manner and feedback. At the same time, the mobile police room also uses its own advantages to carry out fire prevention, safety prevention and technical prevention facilities of publicity, introduction of fire knowledge.

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